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What We Do

What we believe: Good leadership enables success and reduces business risk. It is what makes boards and leadership teams effective, managers successful and engages and motivates people. Clients come to us to improve leadership in their organisation.

What we do: We advise our clients on how to encourage good leadership at board level, how to align their people to their strategy, and how to plan succession. We link people to strategy.

Who we serve: Our clients include global banks and retailers, pharmaceutical firms and professional services groups. We work for government departments, educational institutions and national health systems. Our clients are headquartered in India, the UK and Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Connecting Leadership and Strategy

Our first step is to understand what leadership needs to to deliver now and in the future. We listen, we challenge and we keep going until we have a clear and shared understanding of what success looks like for you. We will search for and identify meaningful and measurable organisation level success factors, so that we are confident that you can measure the impact of our work.

We are committed to making a difference and will link our commercial reward to your success.

Engagment and Alignment

Our clients come to us to ensure that leaders engage the organisation and change behaviour in alignment with the organisation’s strategy or ideology.

This usually involves five initial steps: where do we want to get to (the vision)?; how do we want to get there (the strategy)?; what do we need to do in the next 6-12 months (the priorities)?; what do we have to be good at (the skills and behaviours required)?; and how will we support the organisation to carry these out?

This process not only aligns the organisation to the leader’s direction and makes possible the distribution of leadership, it also makes talent and performance management possible, by identifying the skills and behaviours against which to appraise, hire and promote.

Talent Managment

Poor hires, promotions, significant or prolonged vacancies, waste time and resources. Effective succession involves rigour – a systemic, continuous review of a plan and people both inside and outside the organisation. Achieving this, globally, is tough.

We help clients get there. We assess and identify individuals; for hire, promotion, and development. We do this globally (with a presence in 28 countries). To the client’s spec, we provide one global profiling standard – across time zones, cultures, and external/internal talent.

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