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Who We Are

We partner with our clients to deliver great leadership. In 12 years we’ve worked with 5,000 leaders from 50 organisations in 27 countries. We’ve learned a lot.

The demand for leadership grows apace. The rate of change (the very stuff of leadership) that organisations face is increasing across multiple dimensions; in politics, in technology, in labour markets, in the diversity and fluidity of consumer tastes, habits and loyalties, and through the very scale and scope of modern organisations. The ability of leaders to communicate, and the expectation on them to do so, with suppliers, customers and their own people has also increased and become more multi-dimensional; rolling news, blogs, social media, texts, live streams of town hall events, ambush marketing are all examples.

We can see from our data and experience that the attributes for successful leadership are becoming more complex too. The ability to think, inspire, mobilise and execute remain important, but are joined by agility, flexibility, heightened emotional intelligence and adeptness at collaboration. More than ever, to deliver better leadership results, Panthea and our clients need sharper insights in to the behaviour and skills as well as the motivations and values that underpin outcomes and the development actions that can nurture them.

With strategic certainty and corporate stability on the decline, we apply precise data analytics with "real world" leadership experience to build great leadership that delivers outstanding results.

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